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"Drive To Space, a funky progressive jam band who always throws down hard!"     -eugjams.com

"Drive To Space really knows how to throw a party!"
     -255 Madison event venue

"If this isn’t the sound you’ve been looking for, it should be."

-Andrew Howie, writer for Pop Break @ thepopbreak.com

" {Drive to Space] simply blew everyone away with their musicianship and extended jams. I’ve seen a lot of the most famous bands in concert over the last 50-odd years.  This ranked with the best. "
​-Ben Olsen, Highway 58 Herald

Drive to Space is:
Steph Kay - Keyboards and vocals
Dan Wonsover - Guitar and vocals
John Raden - Drums and vocals
​Terry Travis - Bass

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"It may be the most accurate band name of all time: Drive To Space. It’s a Mario Kart Rainbow Road-style trip, straight into the stratosphere. The quartet’s interplay is crisp and fierce – guitarist Dan Wonsover paints wild sonic shapes with his axe, shades of disco biscuits dipped in mushroom honey. Bassist Terry Travis and drummer John Raden hold things down right in the pocket, while keyboard wizard Steph Kay drenches the whole affair in a delightful miasma of shifting textures, sounds, and melodies. If this isn’t the sound you’ve been looking for, it should be.  Drive To Space is a name to keep your eyes and ears on."   -Andrew Howie, writer for Pop Break @ thepopbreak.com

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   Drive To Space is a keyboard-driven band that combines prog rock, funk, reggae, Americana, bluegrass, and more into their version of a jamband.  The four instrumentalists fuse their experiences into a cohesive, mind-meld of sound - complete with tempo and key changes, odd meters, tight jams, and, well-written, complex material interspersed with improvisation, and three part vocal harmonies.

   Drive to Space is led by Steph Kay, who has spent time performing nationwide with St. Louis based Widespread Panic tribute Mom's Kitchen, Summercamp Music Festival's VIP Tent alums, Easy Riders, Grateful Dead tribute Another Dead Cover Band, the Chicago-based Spread, as well as Eugene's own Left On Wilson and Blue Lotus. While commanding up to five keyboards at once, Steph reaches with every finger and toe to manipulate your earholes and get you moving.     Joining Steph is long time friend, Dan Wonsover (SiMPLE, Connecterine, Zmick). Steph and Dan go back 15 years to days of Shawnee Cave Amphitheater shows and crazy nights at Summercamp Music Festival. Dan brings his years of expierince in performance and songwriting to the table, blending funk, rock, prog metal, and more to jazz up the space.   Backed by John Raden (Candy Apple Bleu, Hyper Sloth) on drums, and Terry Travis (Hyper Sloth) on bass guitar, John and Terry been performing together for over 30 years and are the best of friends.   These musicians come together to create and vibrate with an intent to feel good and shake. They hope that you can come join them on a epic hike through an aural landscape!



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